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We offer an array of equipment and options to meet almost any food processor's needs. With commercial and industrial grinders ranging from 6,000 lbs/hr* up to 150,000 lbs/hr*, we help our customers in the meat, pet food, poultry, fruit and vegetable, dairy, seafood, and rendering industries address diverse processing requirements. As a specialist in grinder design, we build equipment to order to ensure that you get the best equipment for your application. 

When working with Rome Grinding Solutions you benefit from in-house engineering capabilities, expertise in CNC machining technology, in-house tin plating, and optimized turn-around times that are backed by fast, reliable customer and technical service.

*Grind Rate depends on product type, texture, temperature, plate whole size, gearbox RPM's and feedscrew specifications  

Rome Grinding Solutions In-House Engineering



The Brutus Series has an ultra small footprint and optionally can be mounted with wheels to provide mobility for smaller sample grinds. Manufactured from stainless steel, the Brutus Series Grinders are built for longevity, durability and flexibility.
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Rome’s versatile and durable Titan Grinders are designed for quick changeovers to accommodate different products. This helps processors decrease downtime and increase daily production yields. Available in both stainless and carbon steel construction
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Maximus Grinders are manufactured for strength, durability and longevity with improving production process and increasing product yield in mind. The Maximus Series boasts our largest grinders and can be custom made to suit your application.
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Not only do we offer complete equipment, but we also have supplemental equipment to improve your current grinder. The Rome Reclaim System (RRS) or a Conversion System can be a game changer for your processing operation without purchasing a new grinder or taking up more floorspace.  We also offer gear boxes and used/refurbished equipment. 

Optimize your grinder in just 10 minutes and recover only valuable product with the Rome Reclaim System- a bone collection system and a reclaim system in one simple piece of equipment. 

The RRS offers: 

  • 100% Batch Control
  • Enhanced safety with sanitation
  • Zero additional operating costs 
  • Reduced labor cost 

*Protected by US Patent 9,539,580 / 9,750,264


Increase production without a new grinder

Using your existing table, gearbox, motor, and electrical systems a Rome Conversion System can be added to your existing equipment in a few short hours. After installation, product yields are expected to increase up to 60%* for Maximus R16x9 and up to 25%* for your Titan R11x10. The conversion system is also compatible with some other Rome Style grinders. 



New or Rebuilt 

Our Hercules Gearboxes are built to last. All of our gearboxes have the following features: 

  • Class 12 bull gears, pinions, and heavy duty cast steel case
  • 35% more tensile strength vs. the competition 
  • Cooler operating temperatures to ensure a smoother running gearbox
  • Minimal noise during operation
  • Repair kits or full repairs by Rome available 


and Refurbished equipment

We have a constantly changing inventory of used and refurbished equipment available. We also offer services to refurbish your equipment and bring it back up to spec.

BORR Image

Keep your team safe while saving time. The BORR provides a safer and faster method of disassembling and reassembling your grinder.

  • Designs to accommodate grinders with and without RRS components
  • Low risk of over tightening bolts- Torque wrench provided controls the tightness on each of the 3 bolts
  • Can change out plates with ease
  • Safer for employees

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