We are here to keep things moving. 

Rome Grinding Solutions offers everything that you need to keep your operations running smoothly. Often times this means regular servicing of grinders, refurbishing equipment, or fixing an unexpected problem in your grind line. With service contracts for preventative maintenance and staff ready to handle an emergency situation, we have your operations covered from all angles. 

Grinder audits

To optimize performance, audits are necessary for any grinder. We offer audits to help you identify any potential issues that could arise. 

What to expect during an audit:

  • A Grinder Specialist will perform a part-by-part inspection 
  • A detailed report of the overall condition and individual components will be provided
  • The specialist will review with plant staff to ensure understanding of what to look for 
Rome Grinding Solutions Service

in-House engineering

Rome's In-House Engineering team is equipped to help from design evaluation through installation.  We can manufacture, modify, and design equipment specific to your needs. 

Why in-house engineering?

  • Our engineers can monitor the process for a high level of quality control
  • Our team can design and manufacture unique equipment specifically for your application 
  • All projects, large and small, have engineering oversight which provides the most efficient use of our grinders
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Get your equipment back up to spec

When your grinder needs to be refurbished, we are here to rebuild your feedscrew, barrel, hopper, and other parts quickly and to original specifications. At Rome, we take the same care and pride with a rebuilt part as we do for a new part. All rebuilds and refurbs are complete with industry leading turn-around times. 

refurbished grinder