Rome Reclaim System (RRS)

Optimize your grinder in just 10 minutes and recover only valuable product with the Rome Reclaim System. 

The RRS (Rome Reclaim System) is both a true bone collection system and reclaim system in one simple package.  The RRS's intuitive design and minimal parts make sanitation and set-up quick and easy, which greatly reduces the potential for bacterial growth.   

The RRS does not require an additional power source, motor, electrical wiring, or complicated mounting configurations. All of this adds up to the most cost-effective bone collection and reclaim system on the market that allows you to take control of your waste and your bottom line.Rome Reclaim System

The RRS is available comes standard on Rome’s Smart Grinder or can be added on to your existing Rome or other brand grinder.

*Protected by US Patent 9,539,580 / 9,750,264



100% Batch Control

The RRS is a true bone collection and reclaim system with 100% batch control, 1 grinder and 1 batch. Discard waste is actually waste.


The RRS is fully sanitizable, which reduces the risk of bacteria growth and avoids contamination.

No additional operating costs

The RRS runs off of primary grinder power and does not require additional floorspace.

Reduced Labor Cost

The RRS is one simple piece of equipment with a set up time of 10 minutes. Labor costs are reduced by less product handling.

Quality End Product

The reclaimed product matches the primary grind's temperature, color, definition, and texture.