Rome is dedicated to helping our customers produce high quality products and achieve maximum production with less downtime. This is why Rome maintains a large in-stock parts inventory at its Iowa-based manufacturing facility, and offers same day shipping for in-stock part orders that are received before 2 pm CT.

Customized spare part packages and stock consulting help reduce cost, risk and downtime. Having high-quality original spare parts on-hand ensures maximum system availability. Rome’s Grinder Specialist can show you how to minimize maintenance time an unscheduled downtime through effective spare parts planning.

Some spare parts that we carry in our extensive inventory include:

Inserts • Orifice Plates • Knife Holders • Tension Springs • Centering Pins
Bushings • Screens • Augers/Feedscrews • Hoppers • Retaining Rings
Bone Collection Systems • Chamber Rings • Skinner Blades • Toothrollers
Compression Rings • Emulsifier Plates • Impellers • Forming Plates
Extructor Plates • Pre-Breaker Plates • Surface Grinders & Stones
Bearings • Pulleys • Belts • Motors • VFD/Soft-starts

Give us a call at 1-800-443-0557 or contact us for more information.

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