Full-service grinder manufacturer

6Rome Grinding Solutions uses a continuous improvement mindset to help its customers meet the on-going challenge to ensure food safety, optimize plant performance, and achieve maximum plant productivity. As a specialist in grinder design, Rome builds the equipment “to order” in its Midwestern-based manufacturing facility, drawing on its 40+ years of experience and talented team. With options for process lines ranging from 6,000 lbs/hr up to 150,000 lbs/hr Rome helps its customers meet the diverse requirements in processing plants. When working with Rome Grinding Solutions you experience in-house engineering capabilities, expertise in CNC machining technology, in-house tin plating, optimized turn-around times, and fast, reliable customer and technical service support.

Rome Grinding Solutions is the only meat grinder manufacturer that machines feedscrews and barrels from one-piece of solid steel, which eliminates the need for welds. The manufacturing steps in the process are a trade secret, which allows Rome to produce the strongest most dependable feedscrews and barrels on the market.

Rome is able to manufacture a superior standard grinder to your exact specifications in just two weeks with more customized grinders ready for delivery in an average of six weeks.

**In-house tinning and tin plating is available on Rome high tensile strength carbon steel manufactured pieces. Please contact a Rome Sales Specialist for more information on this service at 1-800-443-0557.


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