How Rebuilding Equipment Can Save You Money

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At Rome Grinding Solutions, we want our customers to save time and money whenever possible; one way that we can help is by rebuilding equipment. Did you know that Rome Grinding Solutions offers rebuilding for all major grinding equipment, for a fraction of the cost it would take to fully replace? Not only is it significantly less expensive, but it takes a lot less time to repair equipment than it does to build from scratch. Typically, we can repair equipment and have it back to our customer within 8-10 weeks, whereas ordering that same piece of equipment new can take a similar amount of time to even get the material to begin the manufacturing process.

What are some ways that you can tell when it’s time to send in a piece of equipment for repair?

This is all going to be dependent on your specific grinding operation. Regardless of whether you clean your grinder hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly, you need to inspect your equipment for signs of wear. We recommend using a member of your team with experience in grinding, and your Regional Sales Rep can help establish best practices.

One of our most popular repairs is for feedscrews, so here are couple of ways you might be able to tell if it’s time for a repair:

Standard Flighting

Your standard flighting should have square edges and consistent thickness throughout the entirety of the flighting. If the edges are rounded or flighting is narrow, the feedscrew will need to be sent in for repair.

Cupped Flighting

Your cupped flighting should have sharp edges. Cupped flighting may have a slightly smaller diameter than standard flighting. If the edges are dull or damaged, the feedscrew will need to be sent in for repair.

Pressure Flighting

Use a straightedge across the face of the feedscrew to check for wear. If the pressure flighting is “dished,” the feedscrew will need to be sent in for repair. 

When it comes to repairs, there is no one size fits all template. All equipment is different based on various factors including the product that you are grinding, the temperature of the product, how frequently you run the grinders, and how often you clean and inspect the grinders. As a rule of thumb, you should establish a regular maintenance and cleaning routine, and conduct regular inspections to prevent wear-and-tear that can turn into larger issues down the road. For more questions about this, please feel free to reach out to your Rome Sales Representative, email us at, or call us at 800-443-0557.

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