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March is Women’s History Month, and today is International Women’s Day so it is a great time to recognize the accomplishments of women in the manufacturing industry. From the earliest days of industrialization, women have played a vital role in manufacturing.

Today, women make up a large part of the manufacturing workforce, and their contributions are essential to the success of the industry. Women often take on various roles in the manufacturing process, including working in engineering and design, operating machines, and managing production.
Women of Rome, Bonnie Weaver, Dolores Boster, Kate Rome

At Rome, we have always been majority women owned, and gender parity is a priority in all roles within the company. The company started under the leadership of Doris Boster, and was passed to Bonnie Weaver, and is now lead by President Kate Rome. Since the beginning of the company, equality across all employees was a focus, and it continues to be a huge part of the Rome culture. Many opportunities are given to the women who work at Rome to participate in industry groups that support the women in the industry including FPSA Women's Alliance Network and Women's Meat Industry Network and Rome has been awarded recognition for its initiatives to advance women in the workplace, with a Red Circle Honors award in 2021.

Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women in manufacturing and to recognize the contributions they make to the industry. Please take a moment to acknowledge the hard work of your coworkers, sisters, mothers, and friends on this International Women’s Day.


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