Rome’s Titan Series includes the R878, R11x10, R11x9, and the R11x10 Conversion System, plus customized options to fit your grinding needs. The Titanis designed for quick production changeovers to accommodate different products. This helps decrease downtime and increase daily production yields.

Minimal grinder parts provide quick dis/reassembly for easy and proper sanitation. Rome is the only grinder manufacturer that constructs its feedscrews and barrels out of one-piece of solid steel ‑ either high tensile strength carbon steel or stainless steel ‑ which removes the risk of cracking and weld failures because there are no weld joints. This also allows for longer production run usage.

• Ideal for beef, pork and poultry
• Grinds fresh, pre-broken frozen, tempered, and frozen products
• Can handle bone and animal by-product processing
• Versatility and durability provide nimble product capabilities
• Grind rates of up to 75,000 lbs/hr*

Contact a Rome Sales Specialist at 1-800-443-0557 for more information on the Titan Series Grinders and to learn how they will help your facility increase its production.

*Grind rates depend on product type, texture, temperature, plate hole size, gearbox rpm’s, and feedscrew specifications

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