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When you need to increase your yield, Rome’s largest grinders won’t let you down. Manufactured for strength, durability and longevity, these workhorses can help improve your production process and increase your bottom line.

Rome’s Maximus Grinder Series includes the R1600HP, R1600AG, R1675, R16x12, R16x12HD, R12x11, and R1666F, plus customized options to fit your specific grinding needs.

• Ideal for large processors — grind rates up to 150,000 lbs/hr*
• Great for frozen block applications
• Pre-break grinder version
• Can withstand the toughest environments

Built to Last
Rome is the only grinder manufacturer that constructs its feedscrews and barrels out of one-piece of solid steel*, either high tensile strength carbon steel or stainless steel. This removes the risk of cracking and weld failures because there are no weld joints. This also allows for longer production run usage. 

Contact a Rome Sales Specialist at 1-800-443-0557 to get started on getting the “Max” out of your process line with a Maximus Grinder.

*Grind rates dependent on product type, texture, temperature, plate hole size, gearbox RPM’s, and feedscrew specifications.
**Solid feedscrews are less likely to flex compared to the outdated hollow-core version which reduces chance of metal-to-metal contact.

IPPE 2020

Do you need to maximize production without compromising quality? Then stop by Rome Grinding Solutions’ booth B6057 at IPPE in Atlanta, Jan. 28-30, 2020 and talk with the grinding experts. Visit the IPPE site for show details.


Maximus R1600 RenderingMaximus R1600

Rome’s Maximus R1600 is the largest in the Maximus Grinder Series. Boasting a 16-inch diameter grind plate and grind rates reaching a coarse grind rate up 75,000 lbs/hr* and final grind rates up to 54,000 lbs/hr*, keeping the machine full of product is the only concern you will have. Constructed of  high tensile strength carbon steel or stainless steel the Maximus R1600 keeps running strong. Built North American tough to give you years of production run usage. Learn more about the R1600 here.

Maximus R1675

The Maximus R1675 is capable of reaching grind rates of up to 22,000 lbs/hr* and can grind fresh, tempered, pre-broken frozen, and animal by-product. The Maximus R1675 comes equipped with a Hercules Gearbox either 1398 5HB or 1992 5HB  that is suited to handle up to a 100hp motor. Constructed of high tensile strength carbon steel or stainless steel, the Maximus R1675 is designed and built to handle the toughest of production schedules. If your needs call for a pre-break grinder that isn’t going to let you down, then the Maximus R1675 is sure to “meat” your needs. Learn more about the R1675 here.

Maximus R16x12

The Maximus R16x12 is a true workhorse! With initial grind rates reaching an eye popping 22,000 lbs/hr*, your only concern is keeping the hopper full. The Maximus R16x12 comes equipped with the the Hercules 16123 5HC Gearbox the industry’s largest and strongest gearbox that is can accommodate a 200hp motor to maximize your coarse grinding operation. The Maximus R16x12 is built to handle fresh meat, tempered product block, frozen block, pre-broken frozen, bone, rendering, and animal by-product. Constructed of high tensile strength carbon steel or stainless steel, the Maximus R16x12 will not let you down. If your needs require a North American made monster, the Maximus R16x12 will meet and exceed your expectations. Learn more about the R16x12 here.

Maximus R12x11

The Maximus R12x11 is certain to blow your mind! With grind rates reaching up to a staggering 150,000 lbs/hr*, keeping the machine full of product is the only concern you will have. Constructed of high tensile strength carbon steel or stainless steel failure if not an option for this North American made monster. Proven quality and performance backed by the industry’s best customer service and technical support; Rome has you covered. Learn more about the R12x11 here.

Rome Reclaim System

The RRS gives your production team 100% batch control by placing the reclaimed product onto the same conveyor line or combo while exhausting waste into a separate receptacle.

  Quickly optimizes your grinder
  Removes bone with max yields
  Add to existing grinders
  Standard on Rome’s Smart Grinders

See the RRS in action

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