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Rome Stands by its Grinders!

Production plants in the market for grinding equipment know that they can rely on Rome Grinding Solutions. With grinder options ranging from 6,000 up to 150,000 lbs/hr*, Rome helps its customers in the meat, pet food, poultry, produce, and rendering industries address diverse processing requirements. As a specialist in grinder design, Rome builds equipment “to order” in its Midwestern-based manufacturing facility, drawing on 40+ years of experience. When working with Rome Grinding Solutions you benefit from in-house engineering capabilities, expertise in CNC machining technology, in-house tin plating, and optimized turn-around times that are backed by fast, reliable customer and technical service.


When you need to increase your yield, Rome’s largest grinders won’t let you down. Manufactured for strength, durability and longevity, these workhorses can help improve your production process and increase your bottom line.

Rome’s Maximus Grinder Series includes the R1600HP, R1600AG, R1675, R16x12, R16x12HD, R12x11, and R1666F, plus customized options to fit your specific grinding needs.

Titan Grinders are designed for quick changeovers to accommodate different products. This helps processors decrease downtime and increase daily production yields. Minimal grinder parts provide quick dis/reassembly for easy and proper sanitation.

Rome’s Titan Series includes the R878, R11x10, R11x9, and R11x10 Conversion System, plus customized options to fit your specific grinding needs.

The Rome Grinding Solutions Smart Grinder, equipped with the Rome Reclaim System (RRS), provides the best final grind the industry has to offer. The Smart Grinder allows you to take control of your waste and bottom line. The Smart Grinder is manufactured with the precision craftsmanship that you have come to expect. Make the “smart” choice with Rome Grinding Solutions and put the the strength and durability of a Rome grinder and RRS to work for you!

Rome Grinding Solutions’ Brutus 6 Series is one of the most versatile grinders that Rome manufacturers. The Brutus 6 has an ultra-small footprint and can optionally be mounted with wheels to provide mobility for smaller sample grinds. Manufactured from stainless steel, the Brutus 6 is built for longevity, durability as well as flexibility. The Brutus 6 can reach grind rates of up to 6,000 lbs/hr.

Need to increase production? Lack space for a larger grinder? Want a way to keep machine down time to a minimum? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, Rome, Grinding Solutions has the answer. Upgrade your grinder with a Rome Conversion System to increase production by up to 60 percent*. Using your existing table, gearbox, motor, and electrical systems, Rome’s inventory of hoppers, feedscrews, adapter plates, cutting parts, and plates allows your grinder conversion to happen efficiently and cost effectively.

Rome manufacturers its Hercules Gearboxes to be the industry’s strongest, most dependable and quietest operating gearboxes available. Equipped with a Class 12 bull gear, pinion, and a heavy duty cast steel case each Hercules Gearbox offers a staggering 35 percent more tensile strength compared to the competition.

The Rome Reclaim System – RRS gives your production team 100% batch control by placing the reclaimed product onto the same conveyor line or combo while exhausting waste into a separate receptacle.

  Quickly optimizes your grinder
  Removes bone with max yields
  Add to existing grinders
  Standard on Rome’s Smart Grinders

See the RRS in action

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