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We are excited to bring our grinders directly to you- anytime, anywhere. How do we do that? Through Augmented Reality! With the Rome Augmented Reality Viewer, you can see a variety of our equipment on your time, life sized or scaled down.  Follow the steps below to learn how easy the app is to use! 

 1. Scan the QR Code (located at the bottom of the page) with your phone or tablet for the grinder that you would like to view. This will prompt you to download the Rome AR Viewer App.  If the App is already on your device, scanning the QR Code will take you to the opening screen.


2. Once the App is downloaded, the Access Code for the grinder that you scanned will be prepopulated. Hit the "enter" button and you will be taken into the app. IMG_0913

3. Next, you will follow the prompt within the app to walk around the room to create a spatial map. Once this map is completed, a white arrow will appear on the screen. Tap the screen where you would like to place the augmented reality grinder. IMG_0914

4.  After the grinder has appeared, you can manipulate it by using your fingers on the screen, or by using the "digital joysticks"  that appear at the bottom of the screen on some phones. There will be the choice to scale the grinder, lock it, and change transparency. All of these options will be available in the menu that appears above the equipment. 


5. Explore the grinder components broken out from the whole grinder. In the menu, you will have the option to view the feedscrew, hopper and motor in addition to the full grinder. 

6. Once you are done looking at the selected grinder, close the app and scan the next desired QR Code to access other pieces of equipment. You can use this App in any setting, and it is a great way to see our equipment on your plant floor. Check out the example below from Blentech Corporation. 


Try scanning any of the QR Codes below to see more of our grinders. If you have any questions about how to operate the app, or if you have questions regarding our equipment, please contact us. 




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