Rome Grinding Solutions’ Brutus 6 Series is one of the most versatile grinders that Rome manufacturers. The Brutus 6 has an ultra-small footprint and can optionally be mounted with wheels to provide mobility for smaller sample grinds. Manufactured from either high tensile strength carbon steel or stainless steel, the Brutus 6 is built for longevity, durability as well as flexibility. The Brutus 6 is capable of reaching grind rates of up to 6,000 lbs/hr*. Rome is the only grinder manufacturer that constructs both its feedscrews and barrels out of a solid piece of either high tensile strength carbon steel or stainless steel. This removes the possibility of weld failures and cracking, thus greatly reducing the risk of bacteria growth and allowing for longer production runs. For better quality control and consistency only the highest grade North American produced steel is used.

Contact a Rome Sales Specialist today at 1-800-443-0557 for more information on how the Brutus 6 can improve your production and increase your bottom line. The Brutus 6 is definitely a little “brute” and won’t let you down.

*Grind rates depend on product type, texture, temperature, plate hole size, gearbox rpm’s, and feedscrew specifications

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