October 21, 2020 : Grinder Components to Check Regularly

Keeping your grinders in top shape is very important to extend the longevity of your equipment. Maintaining the wearable parts ensures that your grinder will be as efficient as possible on the production floor.
Here are regular components to check:
•	Tension Spring or Belleville Spring - If your springs are too far compressed this can lead to a poor knife to plate contact causing the knife to smear the product over the plate and plug up. The result is poor product definition and a decrease in product throughput. Check for the specs per your grinder set up/application.
•	Centering Pins - Rome Grinding Solutions offers a wear or a tolerance groove machined into the centering pins. When this groove diminishes and is no longer visible, your centering pin is out of tolerance and should be discarded. Running your centering pins out of tolerance allows your feedscrew to become out of alignment and will cause further damage to other components.  This will run the risk of getting metal shavings in the end product.
•	Knife Holders - Knife holders should be checked on a regular basis that all the arms are level and true. A bent arm can cause poor knife to plate contact creating an inconsistent cutting of the product. You should also inspect the guide pins in the knife insert slot of the knife arm. These lock your knife insert in place and are a guide that your knife insert is set in the knife arm in the correct position. If these pins are missing, discard the knife and replace with new. 
•	Knife Inserts - Check for an even wear pattern across the knife insert. If there is inconsistency of your wear on the knife inserts you may have the grinder set up incorrectly or other worn components that need to be replaced causing this. Overtightening of the primary retaining ring can also cause abnormal wear to knife inserts.
•	Orifice Plates - Plates should always be kept sharp. Running plates that are not sharp will slow down your grinder throughput rate, can cause an abnormal temperature rise of the product, and will also affect the definition and texture of your end product. Contact Rome Grinding Solutions for recommendations on how often you should be re-surfacing your orifice plates. Plates should never get re-surfaced after they have gone down to 3/4" thick. This is minimum thickness.
•	Plate Bushing - Rome Grinding Solutions offers a wear or a tolerance groove machined into the inside of the plate bushing.  When this groove diminishes and is no longer visible your plate bushing is out of tolerance and should be discarded. Running your plate bushings out of tolerance allows your feedscrew to become out of alignment and will cause further damage to other components and you will run the risk of getting metal shavings in the end product.
All of these components need to be in good condition to get the most out of your equipment. Knowing what to look for and being prepared with spare parts on hand is the best way to avoid prolonged production delays and unexpected issues. At Rome, we can help you with supplying spare parts, providing regular and emergency service, and training your staff on proper grinder care.

October 1, 2020 : President Kate Rome gets Inducted Into WiM Hall of Fame

Rome Grinding Solutions is proud to announce that President, Kate Rome, was inducted into the Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame as one of 15 women in the inaugural class. Among women from companies such as John Deere, Boeing, Toyota, HP, and GE, Rome was honored via a virtual celebration during the Women in Manufacturing Annual Summit.

    Kate Rome’s acknowledgement stems from her work towards advancing women in the manufacturing and food and beverage industries. Some of her accomplishments include increasing the number of female employees at Rome Grinding Solutions by 25% since her presidency, founding and leading the FPSA Women’s Alliance Network, being the second woman ever to sit on the Board for the FPSA, as well as the first to sit on the Board for the MISA Council as the Vice Chair within the FPSA.

Kate’s previous awards include the 2019 Influential Women in Manufacturing, awarded by the Women in Manufacturing organization, and the Leadership in Manufacturing Award from the Empowering Women in Industry organization. The ceremony was celebrated virtually as well as at Rome’s headquarters with a high tea luncheon and a champagne toast to Kate’s accomplishments.

September 8, 2020 Expanding Your Grinding Operations to Keep Up with Demand

Expanding your grinding operations for meat and poultry processing

With the changing times and the rising demand for meat and poultry-based consumer goods, now is the perfect opportunity to expand your grinding operations. Making the investment to grow your business is a big decision, so partnering with the right equipment expert is central to the success of your expansion.

First and foremost, the budget and percent of product increase needs to be established and transparent with the team involved with the project. This will set parameters for the venture at hand, and will help to keep the project on track.  Once you have your budget and production goals set, you need to pinpoint where the bottleneck will occur in your operations as the throughput is increased. Identifying the potential problem areas upfront and addressing them in your initial plans prevents unforeseen issues in your grind line as your expansion progresses.

Next, you will have to decide if you have space to add new equipment, or if you need to look at options of optimizing your current equipment. If you are looking to optimize, consider a conversion system that is compatible with your current grinders.  Many times, this is a lower cost alternative that can help small to mid-sized processors expand their throughput without driving the cost up significantly. If additional equipment is the right choice for your expansion, there are questions that you will have to answer before deciding on your next grinder. Since many factors can affect product definition, it is important to address the following:

Is your product changing/are you expanding product offerings?

Are you adding a new component to your current mix?

Are there any changes to product temperature?

After answering these questions, you will be able to work with your grinding solutions partner to determine what equipment is most appropriate for your meat or poultry processing application. You will then have to decide if you want made-to-order equipment or refurbished grinders that match the necessary specs. 

As the project moves forward, it is important to review your current maintenance schedule and see if it will keep up with your new operations. If your schedule is not suitable, now is a good time to establish best practices for ordering spare parts and scheduling preventative service. Working with a trusted partner to form a service contract is the best way to minimize concerns of unanticipated downtime.

Whether you are ready to expand immediately, or you are just considering it for the future, it is imperative to make sure that your grind line is ready to keep up with your growing business. Doing your research up front and working with an experienced equipment supplier will increase ROI and reduce problems as you roll out your expansion plans.

Rome Grinding Solutions has over 4 decades of expertise in grind line expansion for meat processors of all sizes, and can help you every step of the way. Give us a call at 800-443-0557 or email sales@romegrindingsolutions.com to learn more.

August 4, 2020 President of Rome Grinding Solutions recognized for the advancement of women in the manufacturing industry

August 4, 2020, Sheldon IowaRome Grinding Solutions is proud to announce that President Kate Rome has been recognized by two industry groups for her contributions to the advancement of women in the manufacturing industry. Kate Rome represents the third generation of the family owned company, and has made Rome Grinding Solutions her life-long career. 

The first recognition comes from Empowering Women in Industry. On August 1st, Kate was presented with the Leadership in Manufacturing Award during the virtual Empowering Women 2020 National Event. The second recognition comes from Women in Manufacturing (WiM), where Rome is included in the inaugural class of the organization’s Hall of Fame inductees. The list was released on August 3rd, and the official ceremony will occur on October 1st, 2020 during the virtual WiM Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.Both of the accolades stem from Rome’s initiatives for the promotion of women in the manufacturing and food processing industries. Kate Rome helped to found the Women’s Alliance Network (WAN) for the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) and currently serves as the Chairwoman for the group. Rome is also the second woman ever to sit on the Board for the FPSA, and is the first woman to serve as Vice Chair on the MISA (Meat Industry Suppliers Alliance) council.

In addition to industry impact, Rome has been an advocate for advancement of women at Rome Grinding Solutions by increasing women in leadership and closing the wage gap for her employees. Rome has opened the dialogue with other manufacturing companies and has encouraged them to examine their hiring practices as well.

Rome Grinding Solutions, established in 1977 and headquartered in Sheldon, Iowa, is a third-generation family and woman owned business. Rome Grinding Solutions is an industry leader in manufacturing grinding equipment for food processing applications including the following industries: meat, poultry, pet food, rendering, fruit and vegetables, seafood, dairy, ingredient manufacturing and others. For more information please contact Cara Godack at cara@romegrindingsolutions.com. See the official press release here.

July 31, 2020; Rome Grinding Solutions’ Values

As we are all reflecting on what is most important during this rapid change to a “new normal,” we wanted to take a moment to share our company values so that you can see what motivates our team to put our best foot forward in everything that we do.

If you have ever done business with us, you know that you are investing in much more than a piece of equipment; at Rome Grinding Solutions, we take pride in truly putting our customers first. Whether you are buying a replacement part, a service contract, or an entire grinding line, our expertise and transparency will be prevalent every step of the way.

This outlines Rome Grinding Solutions' company values. We are customer-centric in everything that we do. We will help you find the best grinding equipment that matches your company goals

July 7, 2020; Rome Grinding Solutions Celebrates 43 Years

The beginning of the new fiscal year marked Rome Grinding Solutions’ 43rd anniversary. As a privately held, third generation family owned business, Rome has a deep history in grinding equipment manufacturing. Rome was first established to provide service to the oil and milling industry. As market demand changed, the company found a niche in food processing, and has since become a leader for grinding equipment, spare parts and service in the industry.

Rome is currently led by President Kate Rome, the granddaughter of founders Dolores and Dan Boster. The Boster’s other granddaughter, and Kate’s identical twin, Kelley Newgard is currently serving as the Vice President of Operations for the company. Both Rome and Newgard’s children have started to learn the business so they can eventually take over as the fourth generation of family ownership.

Rome Grinding Solutions currently serves some of the largest food processing companies in the country, and also specializes in helping small to mid-sized processors grow their operations. Primarily serving the meat, pet food, rendering, and poultry industries, Rome also works in the seafood, cheese, fruit and vegetable, and ingredient processing spaces.  

Bonnie and Mike Weaver, the second Generation owners of Rome Grinding Solutions, are surrounded by the third and fourth generations of the Rome Family during their 43rd anniversary celebration this past weekend.

May 22, 2020; 5 ways to Get Ready for Burger Season

Prepare meat grinders for burger season; refurbished grinders, new equipment, spare parts, reclaim systems, Ground beef equipment, meat processing equipment

March 17, 2020: A Message from our President about COVID-19

A Message from Our President about COVID-19

March 6, 2020; Rome Grinding Solutions Celebrates International Women’s Day

International Women's day- Woman owned company

International Women’s Day, on Sunday March 8th, celebrates the achievements and aspirations of women across the world. At Rome Grinding Solutions, these accomplishments are honored as a core of the business.

Rome Grinding Solutions has a rich history of women leading in the manufacturing industry.  When the company was founded in 1977, it was run by Dolores and Dan Boster. As a family business it was passed to their child Bonnie and her husband Mike Weaver in 1990. In 2002, Rome’s current President and daughter of Bonnie and Mike Weaver, Kate Rome, purchased her first piece of the business, adding to the legacy of always being majority women owned and operated.

               From the beginning of Rome, Boster made it clear that what mattered most was nurturing employees and getting the job done, regardless of traditional gender expectations. When Kate started working at Rome at the age of 16, she was the only woman actively working in the company at the time. After gaining experience in the male-dominated food processing industry, she decided to follow her grandmother’s mentality and worked hard to shift the culture. Since becoming president, Kate has hired woman in all roles across the company, bumping the number up to women representing 25% of all employees. Kate has also lead industry groups for women in food processing, and has won awards for her contributions to empowering women in the manufacturing industries.

Kate honors the entrepreneurial spirit of her grandmother and mother in her day to day operations of the company. The women of Rome Grinding Solutions have built an empire that celebrates the unique talents of its employees. There is always work to be done to achieve equal representation for women in manufacturing, and the women of Rome are leading the way.

Bonnie Weaver, Dolores Boster and Kate Rome

RRS vs Competitors

January 24, 2020: Rome Reclaim System can optimize your grinder in as little as 10 minutes. It can be installed on an existing grinder or it can come as part of our Smart Grinder series. Take a minute to see why RRS is the best bone collection and reclaim system available.

Reclaim system, bone collection equipment, enhanced safety for meat processing

5 Surprising Industries to Grind

January 7, 2020: Rome Grinding Solutions has been a recognized partner for many companies in the meat and rendering industries over the years, but did you know that Rome provides industrial grinding equipment for companies in food processing and beyond? Our equipment can be used for fruit and vegetable processing, cheese production, ingredient manufacturing, seafood processing, and recycling, too.

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