May 22, 2020; 5 ways to Get Ready for Burger Season

Prepare meat grinders for burger season; refurbished grinders, new equipment, spare parts, reclaim systems

March 17, 2020: A Message from our President about COVID-19

A Message from Our President about COVID-19

March 6, 2020; Rome Grinding Solutions Celebrates International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, on Sunday March 8th, celebrates the achievements and aspirations of women across the world. At Rome Grinding Solutions, these accomplishments are honored as a core of the business.

Rome Grinding Solutions has a rich history of women leading in the manufacturing industry.  When the company was founded in 1977, it was run by Dolores and Dan Boster. As a family business it was passed to their child Bonnie and her husband Mike Weaver in 1990. In 2002, Rome’s current President and daughter of Bonnie and Mike Weaver, Kate Rome, purchased her first piece of the business, adding to the legacy of always being majority women owned and operated.

               From the beginning of Rome, Boster made it clear that what mattered most was nurturing employees and getting the job done, regardless of traditional gender expectations. When Kate started working at Rome at the age of 16, she was the only woman actively working in the company at the time. After gaining experience in the male-dominated food processing industry, she decided to follow her grandmother’s mentality and worked hard to shift the culture. Since becoming president, Kate has hired woman in all roles across the company, bumping the number up to women representing 25% of all employees. Kate has also lead industry groups for women in food processing, and has won awards for her contributions to empowering women in the manufacturing industries.

Kate honors the entrepreneurial spirit of her grandmother and mother in her day to day operations of the company. The women of Rome Grinding Solutions have built an empire that celebrates the unique talents of its employees. There is always work to be done to achieve equal representation for women in manufacturing, and the women of Rome are leading the way.

Bonnie Weaver, Dolores Boster and Kate Rome

RRS vs Competitors

January 24, 2020: Rome Reclaim System can optimize your grinder in as little as 10 minutes. It can be installed on an existing grinder or it can come as part of our Smart Grinder series. Take a minute to see why RRS is the best bone collection and reclaim system available.

5 Surprising Industries to Grind

January 7, 2020: Rome Grinding Solutions has been a recognized partner for many companies in the meat and rendering industries over the years, but did you know that Rome provides industrial grinding equipment for companies in food processing and beyond? Our equipment can be used for fruit and vegetable processing, cheese production, ingredient manufacturing, seafood processing, and recycling, too.

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