When is the last time you took a close look at your grinder to identify areas of strength and weakness? Even with regular maintenance your Rome grinder needs periodic planned audits to optimize performance.

What to expect during your grinder audit

A Rome grinder specialist will visit your process plant to observe the equipment in operation, and while shut down to perform a part-by-part inspection. All components are examined and a detailed report with the overall condition of the grinder and individual wearable and other components is compiled. The report provides valuable knowledge into areas that need immediate attention and provides information for future maintenance plans. Grinder operators and plant maintenance personnel are encouraged be present during the inspection.

With our hands-on approach you will feel confident that you and your staff are trained on what to look for when checking your equipment to ensure that it is operating efficiently and correctly.

For your free Rome grinder audit, email or call 1-800-442-0557.

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