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The Titan R878 is a truly versatile, must have grinder! It is a multi-functional grinder that allows for both initial and final grinding. With initial grind rates reaching up to 40,000 lbs/hr* and final grinds up to 12,000 lbs/hr* this is a workhorse of a grinder. Pound for pound the Titan R878 can’t be beat. Designed for quick change overs to accommodate different products, the decreased down time helps to increase your daily production yields. Constructed of high tensile strength carbon steel or stainless steel; failure is not an option for the Titan R878. This durable and multi-functional grinder will be sure to keep you producing efficiently for many years to come.  When your needs require a small yet versatile grinder, give the Titan R878 a try.


Functionality Will grind fresh (beef, poultry, pork), frozen, tempered, and animal by-product
Grind Rate Initial grind rates of up to 40,000 lbs/hr* and final grind rates of up to 12,000 lbs/hr*
Quality Construction Made of Rome, Ltd. High Tensile Strength Carbon Steel or stainless steel and hopper constructed entirely of 5/8″ heavy duty stainless steel
Power Hercules 1780 Gearbox
Mounting 3 point heavy duty mounting system
Usability Minimal pieces for quick and easy assembly/disassembly for proper sanitizing and multi-functional to fit your needs
Standard Equipped Feedscrew puller, hopper extension, plate lifter, T-bar, retaining ring wrench, and ring lifter
Available Options Rome, Ltd. High Tensile Strength Carbon Steel (tin plated or hot dipped), alternative feedscrew designs, multiple retaining ring configurations, application specific barrels, leg extension, block guides,sidemount frame, and bone collection

*Grind rates depend on product type, texture, temperature, plate hole size, gearbox rpm’s, and feedscrew specifications

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