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Rome manufacturers its Hercules Gearboxes to be the industry’s strongest, most dependable and quietest operating gearboxes available. Equipped with a Class 12 bull gear, pinion, and a heavy duty cast steel case each Hercules Gearbox offers a staggering 35 percent more tensile strength compared to the competition.

Rome’s experience with gearboxes shows that thinner cases will warp and fail under normal production environments. This is why Rome uses heavy duty cast steel that provides a proper fit and long-lasting cases. The cast steel case allows the main shaft, bearings, pinion, and the Class 12 bull gear to operate at cooler running temperatures, for a smoother running and quieter gearbox.

Rome is able to rebuild 16123, 1992, 1398, or 1780 gearboxes with our Class 12 bull gears, pinions, and heavy duty cast steel cases quickly to original specifications. We take great care to ensure the correct center distances are in place for proper tooth wear on both the bull gear and pinion.

Next time you need a new gearbox, your current gearbox needs to be rebuilt or you need a rebuild kit, give the experts at Rome a call at 1-800-443-0557 to learn about the power of the world class Hercules Gearbox!


Construction Precision CNC machined, Class 12 bull gears, pinions, main shafts, and heavy duty cast steel case
Reliability High quality parts and tight tolerances for proper gear tooth wear
Operation Minimal noise, whisper quiet with cooler running temperatures
Options Assembled to fit production needs with either "A" or "B" style main shafts
Sizing 3 sizes of Hercules Gearboxes available - 1780 - 4.70:1 ratio / 1992 4.84:1 ratio/ 1398 7.53:1 ratio

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