The Empress Series is Rome, Ltd.’s newest venture in building a better product line. We are taking the same tenacity we have used for decades in manufacturing the best grinders available and focusing it on making the best cutting and wearable parts. Like Rome, Ltd.’s solid, 1 piece, precision CNC machined; feedscrews, barrels, and gearboxes, these new parts are also milled to the industry’s tightest tolerances. With forethought and vision to the future our President, Katie Weaver, has brought our cutting parts manufacturing under one roof for better quality control as well as to provide better delivery times for our clients.

The Empress Series of cutting parts is made up of three lines; Champion, Legend and Imperial. Although each of these is designed for specific grinding applications, they are all built to withstand the harshest of grinding environments. As with any of the names associated with the Empress Series; strength, durability and character of our product is of the utmost of importance, nothing less is acceptable.

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In-house plate sharpening is available! If you need your plates sharpened please contact a Rome, Ltd. Sales Specialist for specific details at 1-800-443-0557. This is just one more way Rome, Ltd. is able to provide you with full circle, customer- centered service for all your grinder and grinder part needs with the convenience of it all being under one roof.

Empress Series: Cutting Parts Line

The Champion line is specifically designed for rendering and bone grinding. The ductility of this plate is very flexible to withstand the rigors of its designed use. In order to be a Champion one must be strong of character as well as physical strength much like the Champions of Roman times whose names are still part of our culture. The characteristics of this plate include excellent design and longevity as well as being the strongest option on the market. The Champion Plate offers the integration of core flexibility and hard cutting edge for the best performance when grinding the toughest material.

The word Legend can mean many things but it is fitting to this plate due to strength and longevity that are attributed to it. The Legend Plate is designed for minimal flex and to maintain a sharp cutting edge when grinding frozen block to fresh meat. Legend has been tested and proven to withstand the harshest environments in the grinding industry. Legend Plates are the workhorse in many grinding applications providing great product quality at an affordable price. Legends of Roman times were known for their ability to adapt as well as their strength much like the strength and adaptability of this plate. Like the Roman Legends these Legend Plates are built to last.

The Imperial Plates are specifically designed to hold the ultimate cutting edge, Imperial Plates are the perfect final grinding solution. Imperial Plates provide consistent quality product texture as a result of holding a sharper cutting edge longer than other options.

The Imperial Guard is the name given to the guard of the ruling class. The Imperial Guard was considered the elite of all of Rome and was assigned this task was considered to be the highest of honors. Like the Imperial Guard the Imperial Plate is synonymous with greatness, strength, durability and being elite.

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