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Rome Grinding Solutions’ Brutus 6 Series is one of the most versatile grinders that Rome manufacturers. The Brutus 6 has an ultra-small footprint and can optionally be mounted with wheels to provide mobility for smaller sample grinds. Manufactured from stainless steel, the Brutus 6 is built for longevity, durability as well as flexibility. The Brutus 6 can reach grind rates of up to 6,000 lbs/hr*.

Built to Last
Rome is the only grinder manufacturer that constructs its feedscrews and barrels out of one-piece of solid stainless steel, which removes the risk of cracking and weld failures because there are no weld joints. This also allows for longer production run usage.

• Ideal for small processors
• Movable unit in a small footprint
• Unique retaining ring simplifies the sanitation process & enhances safety
• Perfect for USDA sample runs or small volume processing

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Applications Grinds fresh, tempered and animal by-product
Grind Rates Grind up to 6,000 lbs/hr* on initial grinds and 3,100 lbs/hr for final grinds
Construction Grinder manufactured from stainless steel. Feedscrew and barrel are manufactured from one solid piece of stainless steel that is precision CNC machined, and feedscrew has cupped flighting
Power Offered with a 15hp or 25hp motor
Operation Compact grinder with minimal parts provides quick and easy assembly/disassembly for proper and efficient sanitation. Follows AMI/3A Sanitary Guidelines
Standard Retaining ring wrench, hopper extension and plate lifter
Options Alternative feedscrew designs, multiple retaining ring configurations, application specific barrels, leg extensions, wheels for ease of movement, block guides, sidemount frame, hopper extension, and bone collection

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*Grind rates dependent on product type, texture, temperature, plate hole size, gearbox RPM’s, and feedscrew specifications.

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