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What is an audit?

An Audit is a methodical inspection conducted by a knowledgeable and skilled Rome, Ltd. Sales Specialist to examine and review your production facility’s current grinder and production issues.

What can you expect from a Rome, Ltd. Audit?

During a Rome, Ltd. Audit a Rome, Ltd. Sales Specialists will work side by side you and your personnel to examine your grinder set-up and discuss current production levels. Then as a team you will discuss and solve those current issues.  Our skilled Sales Specialists will help you to find ways to increase your production rates, improve your current process, and assist you in ways to decrease your current costs. Using their four decades of knowledge and expertise they are able to assist you with implementation of your grinder and improvement strategies. With our hands-on approach you will feel confident that you and your staff will be trained on what to look for when checking your equipment to ensure that it is operating efficiently and correctly.

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