Rome, Ltd. was started in 1977 in a Ankeny, IA and provided service to the oil milling industry. Over the years and as the company grew it maintained offices in Texas and Florida, however, it always remained headquartered in Iowa. In 1986 all personnel and equipment were brought under one roof and relocated to the company’s current location in Sheldon, IA.  As the industry changed Rome, Ltd. adapted and changed with it along with its customers’ expectations. As Rome, Ltd. transitioned out of the oil milling industry and into the food processing industry; the doors opened wide and Rome, Ltd. was put on the map as a major player in the food processing market.

Currently, Rome, Ltd. has become the Industry Leader in Manufactured Meat Grinders. With over 150 combined years of CNC machining technology, in-house engineering, in-house tin plating, and the best customer and technical service support available; Rome, Ltd.  is your one stop shop for all of your meat grinder needs.

Whether you’re in need of a new grinder, grinder parts, or replacement OEM parts for your facility, Rome, Ltd. will not only meet but exceed your needs. Over the years, we have listened to our customer’s needs and developed a full line of quality grinders as well as a complete line of superior cutting parts. We value our customers and strive to provide them with the Rome, Ltd. standard “Proven Quality. Proven Performance.” Everything we manufacture is made in North America and built quality tough!  You will definitely be satisfied when choosing to grow your business with Rome, Ltd.!

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